Best Faucet Water Filters

As a caretaker of your home we assume you are privy to the nasty companions tap water brings home with it. Barring the common impurities you might encounter in water, there is also a high chance that your water is contaminated by highly carcinogenic substances like lead and arsenic.

We’re attempting to open you to a world of high power water filters to end all your worries with one device.

Is My Water Contaminated?

This is a tricky question to answer by oneself; contaminated water might be running right under your nose and you might not catch a whiff of it.

Here’s a step by step guide to detecting impurities in your water:

  • 1. The most obvious step is to, of course, take a look at the water. It might contain suspended impurities like dust and sand, or you might notice a slight tint of color. These are all signs of impure water.
  • 2. The task at hand gets way harder when the impurities in your water are of a chemical nature. Chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals are not detected easily. You’ll need a proper chemical test to find out what’s wrong. Most water supplying agencies have experts at hand to check water quality. If you suspect your water quality to be poor then a competent professional is sent to your home, and your water quality is tested.
  • 3. In some places where the purity of water is a very unstable notion, consumers receive a testing kit to test the water quality themselves. There are also water-quality testing devices available online.

When To Suspect Water Quality

Be extra attentive to your water supply if you happen to live near factories or industrial areas. Large-scale industries very frequently release heavy metals as effluents into public water and these heavy metals are extremely hazardous to one’s health.

If your neighborhood is a frequent victim of plumbing or sewage disposal issues, be on the watch. Your supply might be bringing the components of sewage with it. Biological impurities are extremely harmful too.

We do not blame you for suspecting the quality of water in your home, especially if you live in smaller neighborhoods. It happens more often than it should and a powerful water filter might become a necessity.

Which Faucet Water Filter Should I Purchase?

In some cases, all you need is a smaller, less efficient water filter, but we recommend you do not compromise in this area, especially when your family’s health is concerned.

Chemical impurities usually pass out unnoticed in regular water filters, and hence, you’ll need one of a better quality. Here’s a guide to selecting the best faucet water filter for you:

If you’re keen on shipping one from outside the country the best ones are made by companies like DuPont, Culligan, PUR, and Breta. Some of these are available in India too, but you might have to buy them online.

These water filters, while having excellent filtering capabilities, also have a LED screen showing how many gallons of water have already been filtered; an indirect indication of when you might have to empty the filtered wastes.

Back at home, a plethora of cheaper charcoal powered tap filters are available, but well-known companies like Eureka Forbes and Kent make the best ones.

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