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Water purification is the process of eliminating undesirable and dangerous chemicals, biological impurities, their solids and sensitive gasses from polluted water, so as to make it ideal for drinking safely. Summer time is the most problematic time for getting safe water to consume.

If you've any problem with the supply of safe water, you could purchase an affordable and reliable water purifier for your house. It not only provides pure water all day long, but also assists in preserving energy for boiling purposes. You can choose the best water purifiers with the help of this article.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser + Filter Review

Best Water Purifier - PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with 1 Filter

This water purifier will filter and hold about eighteen oz. cups of water; that is just over one gallon. PUR have designed this dispenser so it is narrow in shape, which means it'll easily fit on your fridge shelf without taking up a lot of space. In fact, it'll take up less space than 2 large bottles of water from the grocery shop.

As with a number of other pitcher styles filter devices on the market, this one comes with a filter, but the difference here is the amount of impurities it'll deal with. The 2 stage filtration system gets rid of up to 96 percent of trace level impurities; that is double that of its major contender.

This water purifier will also get rid of certain chemicals, which could make the water from your sink taste and scent bad. In fact, you can easily see the difference as the water filters by means of the holding tray. The outcome is great tasting and smell free water that is a joy to drink. This unit is available in two different styles; improve packaging and standard packaging. This unit will cost you almost $20.

Features of the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser + Filter

  • Two stage filtration. Removes 96% of impurities & some chemicals in the water
  • Narrow shape. Easy to fit in to any fridge.
  • Large capacity. Holds over 1 gallon.
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Not very sturdy
  • Looks like the water nozzle could break easily if flipped up too hard

Bottom Line

If you do not want to spend lots on a water purifier, but do want to minimize or get rid of the need to purchase bottled water, this pitcher is your solution. As you'll see on Amazon, it is very inexpensive and the replacement filters aren't expensive either.

Video Review of the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser + Filter

Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser Review

Best Water Purifier - Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser

The Brita UltraMax Dispenser Water Filter is one of largest capacity pitcher filters, holding up to eighteen eight oz glasses of purified water! It also features a Filter Change Indicator and has one Brita OB03 substitute filter. Compared with other Brita pitchers, you can just refill the UltraMax Brita dispenser and fill your glass from the refrigerator.

This water purifier is NSF/ANSI certified, capable of reducing lead (98%), mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, chlorine and odor from the water. This unit will also minimize chlorine taste and odor and sediment. but please note this filter does not remove fluoride. Every filter can filter forty gallons of water and requires to be changed an average of every two months. This water purifier is a BPA-free product and will cost you almost $32.

Features of the Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser

  • Large capacity. Holds ovver 18oz glasses of water
  • Has an Indicator.


  • Short enough to fit on most shelves
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to refill
  • No need to take it out to pour yourself a glass
  • Results in great tasting water


  • Plastic container
  • Doesn't drain completely through spout, even when tipping forward
  • Charcoal particulate in reservoir

Bottom Line

Your water filter system could be ready to use in a couple of steps. Wash your hands prior to touching the filtration system, then flush it with cold water for fifteen seconds. Put the filter into the reservoir and cold tap water. Overall, it is an awesome unit.

Video Review of the Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser

Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System Review

Best Water Purifier - Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System

This is among the best counter-top water filtration systems available on the market. This unit transforms normal tap water to delicious, clean, alkaline mineral water and uniquely combines five different functions into one system: filter, purify, alkalize, mineralize, and magnetize. The Micro-Ceramic Filter consists of millions of tiny pores, which measure 0.2 to 0.5 micron in size, removing up to 99 percent bacteria, trapping dangerous contaminants, parasites and efficiently reducing man-made pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and toxins.

This system consists of activated carbon that purifies your water by removing foul odor and bad taste, leaving water clean. The silica sand consists of superb absorbent qualities to eliminate impurities in the body. The far-infra-red ceramic balls are generally utilized in alternative medicine to boost enzyme activity in digestion tract, enhance memory function, and manage blood pressure, increase metabolism, vitality and strength. This unit available in 3 sizes: 4-gallon, 6-gallon and 8-gallon and will cost you almost $90.

Features of the Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System


  • 5 step filtration system that removes chlorine, sediment, bacteria and pesticides from water
  • Compact and stylish
  • No electricity needed
  • Makes extremely clean, pure alkalized water
  • The filters are inexpensive to replace
  • Offers great customer service


  • Time-consuming to set up
  • Doesn't make the water clean very quickly
  • Difficult to clean

Bottom Line

Zen Water is environmental friendly and BPA Free. It needs no plumbing or electricity and operates strictly on gravity. The system is portable, compact and pays for itself in less than two months’ time. Most customers have nothing but positive things to say about the system and whenever they had a problem, were pleased to receive best customer service to resolve it.

Video Review of the Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration & Purification System Vs Big Berkey

Best Water Purifier Conclusion

#1 Based on the very low price, unique design, performance, and customer reviews, PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with 1 Filter ranked the number one best water purifier. If you really want to use your money efficiently, then go for this one.

#2 If you don't have any issue with the budget and really want a high quality product, the Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration and Purification System may be the ideal one for you. This unit will surely offer you some serious value for your hard earned money.

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