Do Water Filters Expire?


It’s a known fact that the Earth is made up of 70% water. Scientists have ascertained that only 25% of that water is fit for human consumption. In that context, water filters help to purify water and make it acceptable for our use. However, since every machine has its limit, it’s important to answer this question – Do water filters expire?

Why do we filter water?

Studies show that all the water we receive is not pure. Water from its original source is not very clean. It contains families of microbes that may or may not be good. Consumption of these bad microbes results in us suffering from many water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. Sometimes these water bodies are also mosquito-breeding havens that cause another different set of health issues.

Keeping all this in mind it’s important that there is a process in place that helps purify water. This is simply called water filtration.

What are Water Filters?

A water filter works to remove the impurities and the harmful microbes in the water.

Early peoples used many traditional methods to filter water. Some included the two-filter method, the clay vessel method, or a simple muslin cloth.

Advancement of technology has led to advancement in medical science and technologies that help in the purification of water.

Modern Water Filters

Modern filters use advanced technologies like an exchange of ion particles, activated carbon filters, microfiltration methods, or simply technologies that replicate the process of reverse osmosis.

Modern filters are well equipped to fight against the smallest of bacteria and preserve the good, original composition of water. This helps healthy water drinking habits and essential nutrients going into your body.

Expiration Dates for Water Filters

While traditional water filters had a limited shelf life, modern water filters have a longer shelf life. This brings us to an important question, do water filters expire?

The answer is yes. Everything on our planet has a limited life, including a water filter. The shelf life hinges on various reasons including the usage of the filter and not limiting itself to water from various sources.

Indication of Expiration of Water Filters

If you ever find muddy residue at the bottom of your glass, then that’s the first sign that your filter or the activated granular carbon cylinders need to be replaced.

Another indication is that there is simply no water in your glass despite the water filter indicator blinking away. The chances are that there is a lot of dust or mud in your filter that has clogged it up.

Maintenance of the Filter

It’s very easy to maintain your filter. You can periodically have a filter specialist make quarterly checks that include changing the filters and cleaning the machine. Another way is by simply performing a manual maintenance check without the need of a specialist. The filters can be scrubbed, and the inner tubes cleaned thoroughly with water. However, if your filter works on a carbon cartridge, it’s important to change that on a quarterly basis.

Tying it all Up

These simple checks and balances will extend the longevity of the filter. If you can take care of the filter, the filter will do its best in taking care of you.

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