Water Pollution Facts: Chemicals in Drinking Water

When it comes to Western nations, we often think of a significantly higher quality of life than most others have access to.

From education to opportunity, including the pursuit of equal rights and allowance of social justice movements and freedom of speech. We have the luxury of dragging ourselves out of bed and down the stairs to a refridgerator full of food and a sink that provides seemingly limitless amounts of water. But with all the news of oil spills in oceans, companies pumping marshlands with waste, and water plants pumping large amounts of various chemicals in the water supply; is our drinking water REALLY safe? Lets explore this topic together to truly understand some of the background of these water pollution facts.

Chlorination of Water

When we think of the chemical Chlorine being in water, our initial thoughts might lead us to our favorite public swimming pool where we bring our families. There we know for sure that small children urinate in water (kids will be kids after all) and there is an obvious need to keep that body of water clean given the high usage by large amounts of people who may or may not be sick. But we don’t drink from swimming pools do we? Anyone who has swallowed a fair amount of pool water will tell you it’s not a pleasant experience, what with the side-splitting gut ache and burning eyes. Though we all agree that pool water isn’t considered the same as drinking water, especially given that drinking water uses Fluoride.

Fluoridation of Water Facts

When we hear the word “Fluoride”, our thoughts may turn to toothpaste or the local dentist citing the countless times we all heard how much Fluoride prevents tooth decay. Fluoride was introduced to the water supply universally based upon studies roughly fifty plus years ago on the basis that mass medication would help the population. Yet it still goes on today and there are several factors overlooked in modern practices including:Studies from 50 years ago also claimed tobacco use was safe for use.Individuals have the inherent right of bodily autonomy and thus can choose their own choice of medication or refuse it. The products used in fluoridation are known carcinogens, among these are Lead, Chromium, and Arsenic. (Source http://www.nofluoride.com).

Nitrates in Drinking Water

Nitrates are poly-atomic ions that can either be created naturally or be synthetically made. Naturally occuring nitrates generally don’t occur in high concentrations which would cause illness and death. However, synthetically made nitrates (which can be modified into explosives) can turn into toxic nitrites in the stomach if it interacts with with various forms of bacteria. Man made nitrates also can have a devastating impact on the environment, especially on ecosystems that depend on micro-organisms to maintain it as high amounts of nitrates would kill microscopic organisms apart of said eco-systems. These water pollution facts involving nitrates are unnerving, especially since nitrates can be modified to explosives.

Arsenic in Drinking Water

If we look back to the fluoridation in our water, we would see that one of the many chemicals that is used in this “practice” is Arsenic. Arsenic is a well known carcinogen which means that it can cause Cardiovascular Disease and is a neuro-toxin, linked to diabetes and skin lesions as well. Given the title of this article is “Water Pollution Facts”, this paragraph alone demonstrates why the subtitle is “What they don’t want you to know.” Immediate symptoms of Arsenic poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Where do we go from here?

Reading water pollution facts can be quite disheartening, especially when we want to live healthy lives and raise healthy families. This is one of the reasons why many people are turning to bottled water and coconut water, which as tasty as it is (coconut water is amazing) can break the bank if you aren’t careful given the high costs involved. One of the more practical ways to protect yourself and your kids from water pollution is a water filter, these nifty contraptions are mounted on your sink faucets or table tops and literally filter out all the pollution and gunk from your tap water making it safe and healthy to drink. When it comes to staying healthy and protecting the environment, water filters are the bee’s knees.

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