What Is Alkaline Water and Its Benefits

The use of alkaline water is now becoming more well-known due to its claimed benefits.

Water that is alkalized is said to boost one’s metabolism and aids in detoxification. Many celebrities and sports enthusiasts have chosen the use of alkaline water to keep them in good shape as well as staying hydrated. So what really is this craze about? Let’s discuss what alkaline water is and what the benefits of drinking alkaline water are.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline is derived from Alkali, a basic ionic salt that is capable of neutralizing acid. When water is treated with Alkaline, it becomes less acidic with a pH level of more than 7. The usual tap water normally has a pH level of below 7. Just a brief description, pH levels are based from a pH scale ranging from 0-14. It measures the presence of Hydrogen ions in a substance. In layman’s term it simply the acidity or the basicity of liquid. On the scale, liquids below seven are considered to be acidic, 7 is neutral and those above 7 is basic or Alkaline.

Alkaline water is made by many different methods, by adding alkaline mineral salts, lemon, or even bi-carb soda. The most common form of alkaline water is composed of carbonates, mainly Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate. Another kind of alkaline Water is Ionized alkaline Water which contains Alkaline Hydroxides. It is still consists the elements Calcium and Magnesium, though the compound forms used are changed. It consists of Calcium Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide.

Ionized alkaline water is produced with the use of Water Ionizers. This can be purchased for household use then connected to the water supply. Through the process called electrolysis, it neutralizes the water then separating the acidic component and the alkaline component.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

With the presence of alkaline in water and neutralizing the acidic component of water, it clearly suggests the health benefits it can do having lesser acid intake for an individual. An alkaline rich diet is also being practiced by many health bums since alkaline helps them detoxify and cleanses their blood streams. A lesser tendency of acid reflux is also believed to be benefited with Alkaline Water intake. Its ultra-hydrating capability has enticed many celebrities and sports enthusiasts to help them maintain their fitness.

Though many argue the efficiency of drinking alkaline water with no back-up study to prove the health benefits of alkaline water, many proponents of alkaline water are also providing positive results in improving health conditions. It helps in reducing body fat and body fatigue, helps improve the immune system, can alleviate the overall health and body performance of an individual. Other studies suggest that drinking alkaline water can help people with diabetes, hypertension and are high in cholesterol.

Alkaline Water Dangers

As there are no verified data and proof that alkaline water can really help in curing diseases, the good news is – there is also no proven fact as to what dangers drinking alkaline water provides. No studies have shown any side effect that alkaline water can do to one’s body. The only painful thing lies on one’s pocket since alkaline water is more expensive than regular tap water.

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