What is the Difference Between Purified and Spring Water

The use of bottled drinking water has become more and more typical these days with a wide selection of types of water to choose from. Among the most common and present in the market are Spring Water and Purified Water.

With the wide distribution of bottled water for household and everyday consumption, choosing between the Spring Water and Purified Water can be a bit confusing as to which is better.So in this article, we will provide you a brief background and description of both and the difference between Spring water and Purified water to help you decide about what is best for your own everyday use.


What Is Spring Water?

Spring Water is water coming from an underground source and is collected once it hits the surface. It is naturally filtered through rocks,sediment and soil until it finally reaches the ground to be collected. Though there are quite a few water bottling companies who collect the water immediately from the underground source, the water is still naturally filtered. The natural filtration it goes through provides the water with more minerals and is safe to drink though the quality of water cannot be assured. For Spring water to be distributed to the market, it still undergoes treatment and filtration from different plants and needs to pass regulatory standards. Spring water also tastes naturally with the presence of many minerals which can be essential to one’s health.

What Is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that undergoes mechanical filtration and different processes to remove specific impurities to make it drinkable and safe for use. One example and the most common is distilled water. Specific processes over the years have been innovated to improve the quality of purified water. Processes such as Deionization, Microfiltration, Oxidation and Carbon filtering are used by many water bottling companies in the market. The neutralization and the removal of impurities in water plays an important key role in the Water Purifying industry, thus making Purified water very useful in the scientific field and is ideal and widely used in the production of medication and other industrial and engineering laboratories.

Choosing Between Purified Water and Spring Water

The difference between Spring water and Purified water basically revolves on the manner they are collected and processed before being introduced and distributed in the market. Well both are still safe to use, the question “Which is better Spring Water or Purified Water?” can be answered depending on your personal preference. As spring water can have a better taste due to the natural minerals that are still present upon production, purified water provides the guarantee of neutralized and fully processed water for everyday use. The access for purified water has also become a lot easier as many water purifying devices have been distributed and marketed for one’s household compared to Spring water which is not readily available as access is very tricky in urban locations and ends up to be a bit pricey for daily consumption.

What is the Difference Between Purified and Spring Water Video

With all the water pollution, agricultural chemicals, plus all the buried rubbish it is very easy contaminate spring water.

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