Why Is Chlorine In Drinking Water And How To Remove It

Chlorine is a chemical elements, it is presumed to be discovered in the 13th century by a chemist from Sweden named Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Chlorine in drinking water is not a new phenomenon, it’s been happening for decades – I’m sure we all know that unpleasant taste.

Why Is Chlorine Added To Drinking Water?

Chlorine has disinfectant properties hence it is added to drinking water. This property is exhibited in its effectiveness when it comes to killing many water borne disease causing viruses and bacteria, it is recommended to remove chlorine from your water as it can cause health issues.

Is Chlorine Added To Drinking Water Bad For You?

Yes chlorine added to drinking water is bad, drinking chlorinated water is believed to cause cancer, specifically colon and bladder cancers are linked to it the intake of chlorine. This is because of chlorination by-products such as chloroform formed in the body and are highly carcinogenic. Chloroform is mostly formed after boiling chlorinated water.

Some bacteria such as e.coli have still been found in chlorinated water. This shows the water is not entirely safe for drinking even after treatment at water plants. In addition, other health risks because of water chlorination can cause birth defects due to trihalomethanes (THM). These are a by-product of chlorine reaction with organic matter found in water. Side effects in children include stomachaches and headaches.

Why Is Chlorine Added To Water?

Most water treatment plants add chlorine to water because they look at the short term effect which is to produce uncontaminated water for drinking. It’s true they do this for the sake of our health. However they fail to consider the long term effects of drinking water that is said to be safe. It could be said that it is a lazy way to make water “clean” since there are various other ways to make water safe for drinking without necessarily using chlorine and other harmful chemicals in water.

Do Water Filters Remove Chlorine?

Yes, water filters remove chlorine! Filters are available for removal of chlorine and its harmful by-products from drinking water. Carbon filters come highly recommended for this purpose. This is because carbon being highly absorbent removes a wide variety of contaminants from water such as chlorine. It is effectively removed and along with the unpleasant taste. For a water filter system to be effective, carbon filtration should be combined with ion exchange and sub-micron filtration.These processes go a long way in ensuring contaminants are removed and essential water minerals retained.

One such filter that does a fantastic job is the Berkey Filter which removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants in water, if you spend a little extra and get the fluoride filters added, the Berkey becomes a powerful water filtration system. It is also plug free hence when one is outdoors you can still use it since it uses gravity to work.Talk of convenience due to this and also the fact that it is light in weight.It is the ultimate revolution in filtration technology and it filters both treated and untreated water giving you safe drinking water wherever you are.

There are many other great water filters on the market. One can shop for them online and have them delivered to you at your convenience. Be safe, and filter the chlorine out of your water!

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